Proper watering is essential in achieving a beautiful and healthy lawn. However, watering habits must change depending on the weather and environmental conditions such as shade and soil type.

To keep things simple, water everyday for 20 minutes. If you are on a watering restriction, then follow the allowed schedule and water every other day. Typically, watering is most beneficial in the very early morning.

If your soil is very sandy, excessive exposure to the sun, and/or we are experiencing high daily temperatures, you may wish to water the lawn for five minutes in the afternoon. Much of this water will evaporate – but that’s ok! Evaporation cools the soil. During a heatwave, this will help reduce the impact of heat stress.

You may wish to cut back on watering time if there is sufficient rain, or if water begins to pool and cause puddles. Sometimes in the summer, brown spots may appear in the lawn. One may diagnose these spots as drought/heat stress, and one may be correct in doing so. But if watering seems to make the problem worse, it may be a disease problem! This is also common, so please call us for an expert diagnosis!

Finally, and perhaps the most important rule of all… do not water after 7pm! Watering at this hour will pretty much ensure that the grass will remain wet for 14 hours or longer. This prolonged moisture will drastically increase your potential for summer diseases.

Please call us if you are still unsure. We are more than happy to custom tailor a watering regiment that will best suit your lawn’s needs!